Meet The Therapists

Eve Wallman

As an Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, I’m trained in many different models of therapy that enable me to tailor my approach to meet your individual needs. I offer a safe, confidential and respectful space where you can explore whatever has brought you here. I’m the founder of Kingston Counselling Collective, seeing private clients and working closely with some fellow therapists to support one another through peer supervision, CPD and a shared workspace. I also run a busy Saturday clinic in Clapham where I offer psychotherapeutic counselling for clients who are unable to attend weekday sessions, and I counsel at Survivors UK – a service for male survivors of rape and sexual assault. Previously I spent several years working as an NHS Counsellor in a busy GP surgery, with a particular focus on solution-based therapy for anxiety and depression, alongside supporting adults who are full time carers for a loved one.

I offer a modern and practical approach to counselling, specialising in self care, identity, self esteem, anxiety, stress, depression, work and relationship issues.

Contact me on 07460050963/, or visit

Alison McCann

I’m Alison and I’m an integrative-relational counsellor. This means that I have been trained in several different counselling theories which can help you explore areas of your own experience and relationships, where you may be facing difficulties or misunderstanding. You might be looking at counselling because you have experienced great trauma or crisis (past or present), you could be facing confusion as you struggle with day-to-day living – or maybe you feel that you just need to talk to someone.

We can often try and minimise our suffering by comparing it to the pain of others and while this might distract us in the short term, over time we can experience some form of emotional or psychological pain from ignoring our own needs. This can lead to confusion and a feeling of being stuck, as we are unable to fully understand our authentic self. I can help you to gain understanding and awareness of these blocks, which can help you towards realising your own full potential. I can give you the time to fully explore your lived experience and I offer you a quiet, empathic and non-judgemental space where together, we can begin to work through what is holding you back or causing distress.

There is no right or wrong reason to come for counselling and if you feel that you need a helping hand, please contact me on 07847319148/

Juliet Layton

Is counselling for you? If you’re feeling like your usual ways of coping aren’t working for you then it could be helpful.  A good counsellor will give you space and time to help you talk things through, work things out, start seeing things with some new insight and support you to make the changes you would like to.

I work with people looking at how the past can affect the present, what stops us from living more in the present and in a more connected way. I find that people really discover themselves, what hurts, find ways of being kinder to self and others and feel able to make changes when they are in a good therapeutic relationship. This is what I aim to offer.

The range of topics that people come to talk to me about vary. They may feel anxiety that they can’t make sense of, have relationship concerns, feeling low or depressed, feeling stuck or lacking interest and motivation in life, perplexed how they keep finding themselves in situations that are not welcome, coming to terms with changes, traumatic situations or loss and much more.

I have over 12 years of experience as a counsellor in GP Practice, university and private practice. I have 10 years of experience as a counselling trainer. I am a supervisor/professional consultant to those who work in counselling and medical settings. I am a senior accredited member of the BACP.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have or to arrange a first appointment on 07871423700/


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